Open Calls


May 2023

We are preparing an exhibition for May 2023 with the provisional title Dreams of Childhood

We are seeking artwork that explores childhood as a time when reality is not as separate from dreams (and sometimes nighmares), a time of boundless exploration of ideas, a time where it's possible to imagine oneself as anything. As always, penetrating, dark, surrealist, controversial works are the ones that are most in touch with the gallery aesthetic - nothing too wholesome please.


late 2023

We are preparing an exhibition in January with the provisional title 21st Century Eroticism

The exhibition will focus on artwork that represents, desire, arousal, the carnal act in all of its variety. In this era that focuses too much on identity and not enough on the actual physical act, let's remember what life is all about.

If you think your work matches our vision and you wish us to consider you for our programme, please write to us and include a link to some online content.

If you are on Facebook you can also join our Artist Collective where artists share their work and we announce new shows.